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ICJW 2014 Convention

© Mark Podwal Roots and Fruits, Courtesy Forum Gallery, NYOnce every four years the ICJW organises an international meeting (convention) to mark the end of one program and the launch of the next. The meeting is deliberately held at a different venue every time, moving around the world in recognition of important Jewish communities in Israel and the diaspora. There is thus a regular opportunity for members to get to know each other, when they can make and consolidate relationships, and learn together. In 2014 this largest meeting, open to all membersfrom throughout the world, will take place in Prague.

This twenty-second meeting will also be the first to be held in Central or Eastern Europe, and its organizers therefore plan to introduce other participants to our territory. Prague - the Prague Jewish Community - played an important role in the history of the mediaeval Ashkenazis; and at the end of the Habsburg monarchy and the early twentieth century, Prague Jews created an extraordinary literature in both Czech and German. Prague was also one of the sites of the Holocaust. Nowadays, the Czech Republic is moreover a state which supports Israel in international forums.

We will however also look forward to themes from every part of the world, and we hope that up to three hundred members will take part.

As the theme of our conference we have chosen the title "From ROOTS to FRUITS - BITTER ROOTS, LIFE-GIVING FRUITS":  this symbol expresses our efforts to turn former historical tragedies as far as possible to good, towards new recognition, morality and Humanism in the present and the future. We believe the guests at our conference will also be able to identify with this idea.