We are thrilled to announce that the 17th European Regional Conference of the International Council of Jewish Women (ICJW) is set to take place with the generous support of the Visegrad Fund. The financial backing from the Visegrad Fund is specifically directed towards our project titled "Revival of Jewish Cultural Heritage - Comeback to Traditions: Culture, Education, Family, Kashrut". We are honored to collaborate with our esteemed partners, including the Ester Association Slovakia, Czulent Poland, and Esther's House Association Hungary.

17th European Regional Conference of ICJW, May 19-22, 2024, Bratislava - Slovakia
Save the date! Make a plan to attend the 17th European Regional Conference of ICJW! The theme for this special event in 2024 is: "FROM TRADITIONS TO THE FUTURE - Diversity and unity of Judaism in vibrant Europe." The conference takes place in Bratislava, the beautiful capital city of Slovakia. For more information, please see.